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My parents and my family really protected me against all this. You have to make certain sacrifices to reach the top, you have to work hard for it, nothing has ever been given to you. I always demanded 100% of myself and I was never satisfied, I wanted perfection. Winning Roland-Garros in 2008 was a very emotional moment for me. I got this watch at the start of the tournament and I felt it was my bliss, because two weeks later I held the trophy. So this watch symbolizes all the hard work that has been done day in day out. It just goes on because you always want to do better and you want to improve. Keeping the trophy on Philippe-Chatrier and reaching as high as I can and seeing my new Rolex Daytona replica on my wrist reminded me of all the hard work and belief I had. This is what my Daytona stands for, striving for perfection.

You see, it caught my attention. Two hundred and fifty pieces made in the world. It is definitely something special. You know, no collection is without a lot of Rolexes. He easily has three or four Daytonas, everything from a yellow gold Daytona with the Paul Newman dial to yellow gold with a MOP diamond pointer, all the way to rose gold with a baguette dial, and so on. I mean, the guy has several Rolexes, you know?

He has a certain day date replica that stands out, that is a yellow gold 41 millimeter with a factory-diamond dial and the baguette bezel, heavy batter with that baguette bezel, I mean, it's hard to find and the ring alone is like Just add $ 35,000, $ 40,000 in allowance. Of course he has a few Sky-Dwellers with some yellow-gold Yacht-Master IIs, but he does have a GMT 116758, which stands out, which has the factory diamonds on the ring. I love that watch. Nice watch and a special watch, you know that Rolex replica ensures that there is factory ice. One of my favorite replica watches from Rolex with factory diamonds.